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Quality host Walkable Germany

Since November 2006, the Winterhaldenhof is excellent quality as host Walkable Germany.

This seal of approval is awarded to particularly walker-friendly host. This requires 21 core criteria and 8 (from 15) choice criteria are met. The criteria will be reviewed on site by experienced, trained experts from the German Hiking Association.

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Nordic Walking

The Black Forest Nature Park Central / North is the Nordic Walking Region No. 1 in Germany. Approximately 1660 km in 33 communities are awaiting you. All routes are signposted.

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Cycling or mountain bike


The Black Forest is known for its mountain bike trails. Also racing cyclists come in numerous gradients at their expense. However, the normal tours or even family cyclists shrugs the keyword “Black Forest” mostly shoulders – mountains, no, thank you!

But the “geological anomaly” of the Kinzig valley has made it possible now, a cycling trail in east-west extension through the whole Black Forest establish that always runs downhill. From its source to its mouth at Lossburg near Offenburg crosses the river Kinzig the Black Forest, the mountain range entirely from East to West. He makes such a “satisfaction for everyone” by 126 square kilometers Best Black Forest landscape. 95 km main line, 30 kilometers alternative routes, 60 kilometers stitch paths in the numerous side valleys are the basis of this data fully signposted by the national uniform system cycling route network.

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